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First performed in the 1950’s in USA, Shoulder Replacement Surgery was earlier used to treat fractures but now it is also used to treat other painful shoulder conditions like various forms of arthritis. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, about 53,000 people in the U.S. go through shoulder replacement surgery every year.

Shoulder pain and disability are caused by a number of reasons:
Degenerative Joint Disease (an age-related “wear and tear” type of arthritis)
Rheumatoid Arthritis (also known as “inflammatory arthritis.”)
Post-traumatic Arthritis: this can happen after a serious shoulder injury)
Rotator Cuff Tear Arthropathy
Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis): (it happens when the blood supply to the bone is disrupted)
Severe Fractures (when the head of the upper arm bone shatters)
Failed Previous Shoulder Replacement Surgery (that is uncommon but it happens due to implant loosening, wear and tear, infection, and dislocation)

Shoulder joint replacements are usually done to relieve pain when all non-operative treatments have failed. In shoulder replacement surgery, the damaged parts of the shoulder are removed and replaced with artificial components, called a prosthesis. Depending on what the surgeon may deem necessary, either the ball or both the ball and the socket could have to be removed in the surgery.

Dr. Wilson’s rare blend of experience and passion gives his patients the best chance for a satisfactory recovery; do not hesitate to consult him if you feel you might need shoulder replacement in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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