Raleigh Shoulder Specialist: 6 Reasons to Visit Dr. Wilson for Shoulder Pain - Dr. Wilson Shoulder Specialist

Above all, Dr. Wilson wants any potential orthopaedic patients to know two things:

  1. “I believe in accessibility,” he says. “I give all my patients my cell phone number. They can text me; they can call me. So if you have any questions or any concerns, I’m easy to get in touch with.”
  2. “Surgery is not my first solution. I’ll try any other methods to avoid surgery, so if your shoulder is hurting, please don’t live with that pain out of fear of surgery. Come see me, and let’s find a solution to help get you out of pain.”

Because of these core values, Dr. Wilson’s Raleigh orthopaedic practice has been recognized with the Compassionate Doctor Award and the Top Doctor Award for Raleigh. During his time as a doctor, Dr. Wilson has cared for soldiers and athletes, two professions that rely heavily on having healthy, pain-free range of motion in their arms, shoulders, and neck. This rare orthopaedic background gives Dr. Wilson unique knowledge for performing shoulder arthroscopy and reconstruction.

If you have an aching shoulder and you’re considering visiting a local orthopaedic doctor, here are six unique reasons Dr. Wilson has been named one of the Triangle’s premier shoulder specialists.

  1. Dr. Wilson served as the assistant orthopaedic physician for the Chicago Bulls and White Sox

After completing his orthopaedic training at Duke Medical Center, Dr. Wilson served as an assistant physician for the entire Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox baseball teams. So Raleigh patients can trust that he’s has seen his fair share of shoulder injuries.

  1. Dr. Wilson served as Flight Surgeon in the United States Navy

Dr. Wilson is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served as Flight Surgeon on board the aircraft carrier USS Constellation. He credits his time working with Navy soldiers and professional athletes with learning to work carefully under pressure, as well as developing a healthy personal discipline.

  1. Dr. Wilson is a Gold Medal Athlete

Dr. Wilson understands the demands and desires of an active population — because he’s a member of that community! In his college years he played Lacrosse for the University of Virginia, and also took home a gold medal during his time on the USA World Lacrosse Team. More recently, he’s taken up snowboarding. Because of his personal passion for athletics, Dr. Wilson has enormous empathy for a person’s desire to be mobile and active. Whether you’re an amateur athlete, or simply want mobility to pick up your grandchildren, Dr. Wilson deeply understands the value of movement, which drives him to improve his patients’ quality of life.

  1. Dr. Wilson Has Worked with Global Leaders

After completing his Orthopaedic training at the Duke Medical Center, Dr. Wilson trained beneath one of the world’s top orthopaedic doctors in Europe, and is passionate about bringing that knowledge home to serve Raleigh.

Dr. Wilson completed the Alps Surgery Institute International Shoulder Fellowship, where he studied beneath Dr. Laurent Lafosse, a world-renowned pioneer of shoulder surgery. After this fellowship, Dr. Wilson was selected among top doctors in the United States and Europe to join the Shoulder and Elbow Society, where the best shoulder surgeons from around the globe meet to discuss modern trends and cutting edge techniques in shoulder surgery.

This unique fellowship and connection with global leaders gives Dr. Wilson a specialized knowledge in advanced arthroscopic techniques, an expertise not commonly utilized in the United States.

  1. Dr. Wilson Believes in Surgery as a Last Resort

Many people suffer with chronic shoulder pain for years, fearful that surgery may be the only option. Dr. Wilson’s years of experience in shoulder orthopaedics–particularly with populations like professional athletes and shoulders, whose careers depend on maintaining mobility with minimal damage–have given him keen insight into how to best treat shoulder conditions. He leaves surgery as the “last resort,” often trying other methods such as medications and physical therapy. In the event of surgery, Dr. Wilson’s arthroscopic techniques leave minimal incisions and recovery time.

Don’t keep living in pain because you’re afraid of surgery. Dr. Wilson can help restore your mobility and quality of life.

  1. Dr. Wilson Believes in Accessibility

Above all, Dr. Wilson believes doctors should be accessible. Especially when recovering from surgery, patients deserve to contact their doctor, ask questions, and have their concerns alleviated quickly. If you’re in pain, the last thing you want is a gatekeeper taking your message and promising to pass it along. Therefore, Dr. Wilson provides every patient with his personal cell phone number and email address.

This core value of accessibility is likely why Dr. Wilson regularly wins the Top Doctor Award and Compassionate Doctor Award for the Raleigh area. He empathizes and understands the unique needs of each individual patient.

Raleigh’s Top Shoulder Specialist and Orthopaedic Doctor

Dr. Wilson has expertise in both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of all shoulder pain and medical issues, including:

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • SLAP repairs
  • Bicep tears
  • Shoulder instability
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Bankart repairs
  • Shoulder arthritis
  • Total shoulder replacements
  • Reverse total shoulder replacements
  • Superior capsular reconstructions
  • Shoulder fractures

Dr. Wilson’s rare blend of background and experience gives his patients the best chance for a satisfactory recovery.

What do Dr. Wilson’s Patients Say?

  • “His care has allowed me to become more active and return to physical activities I love and keep me striving towards a healthy mind and body.”
  • “I highly recommend Dr. Wilson to do anyone’s shoulder surgery because I trusted him with mine and the results have been perfect.”
  • “Dr. Wilson is great!! He fixed my shoulder and I am back in the gym.”
  • “He will treat you like a brother.”

Shoulder pain isn’t something you have to “just live with.” Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilson by calling (919) 220-5255 or filling out an online form. Let us help you regain your mobility, so you can enjoy an active, healthy life!