The 2020 Fitness Trends are Coming. Are You Ready?

A man running on a treadmill at night.

When it comes to starting the New Year off right, most people claim they want to get into shape immediately. That’s why you’ll often find the gyms packed the first few weeks of January, and the really determined folks will stay at it throughout February, March, and the remainder of the year as well.

If you work out regularly, you know how exciting this time of the year can be. Plus, you also know that the new year will probably bring some interesting new workout trends along with it.

What do you think will be the biggest fitness trends in 2020? Here are our guesses.

Data is Going to Play a Big Part

Even if you’re not already on the Apple Watch or FitBit trend, you probably know someone who is. These tools allow us to track an insane amount of data when it comes to our bodies and our workouts—allowing us to fine tune our exercise routines to achieve maximum results.

Having access to this kind of information is invaluable for planning a more effective workout. When you know exactly what’s going on with your body during a workout, you can use that information to design a workout specifically for your body type, energy level, and health.

Achieving your fitness goals will also become less challenging as you’ll have real-time insight into what’s going on with your body.

There Will Be an Emphasis on Rest Days

While working out is an important part of staying healthy and active, rest days are an equally important part of your fitness journeys. Going too hard in your workout, and not planning a day to let your body recover, is a recipe for strain and injury.

In fact, the majority of the shoulder injuries I see area result of overuse. It’s important to listen to your body and know when it’s time to rest—and the data behind popular fitness apps is going to play a huge part in that.

Body Positivity and “Fitness for the Soul”

While we’re beginning to see the impacts of the body positivity in the fitness world, it’s going to become even more pronounced in 2020. Instead of working out to lose weight, drop a few pants sizes, or have the “perfect body,” you should workout to feel good.

Whether you prefer running, swimming, a sport like football or basketball, or any other kind of exercise, you should do it because it makes you feel good. That’s why some of the biggest workout trends right now are “exercises for the soul.”

So, go out there and find an exercise that truly makes you happy!

Take Care of Your Body

Think about your body and its well being before, during, and after your workout. It’s not enough to work out seven days a week: you have to be active in taking care of your body.

That means eating well, working out, and scheduling plenty of rest days. Have a question about maintaing healthy shoulders in 2020? Don’t hesitate to give me a call.